In this section we feature the work of local photographers and subjects from within the Coastal Park or views from the Coastal Park. If you would like your work featured, please email with a sample of your work and a brief biography.

Photography has been my passion for many years. Growing up with my Dad, who was a travel photographer, there were film negatives hanging in the bathroom in the winter and in the shed in the summer doubling up as darkrooms with newspaper at the windows.

Julie BlackmerPicking up a camera at the age of 3 to being a freelance Photographer and Journalist in the 80’s, it was then after a break and four beautiful children that I decided rather than just dabbling it was time to re-enter and re-ignite my passion for photography. Throwing my energies back into what I enjoy best and whilst working back stage, front of stage and in my studio I have photographed many public events and bands whilst still taking commissions for commercial shoots, weddings, baby shoots, portrait shots, product photography etc.

My aim is to catch those emotions that made your heart skip a beat. To photograph that moment you felt alive, really alive, at that time when you were at your highest and most elevated! I like to capture that moment, that feeling, that emotion. To capture the most natural time, a candid shot, not a staged photograph (I do those too!) but the “different” shots.

I use two Nikon full frame cameras with various Nikon lenses and other accessories including flashes, back drops, stands, reflectors, shoot through umbrellas, beauty dishes, filters etc. In short I shoot many things especially if it’s different. I photograph children especially those candid shots, boats, bikes, cars, all the normal stuff plus shooting bands for promos and commercial commissions. However there is a big BUT… I like it to be different… a different style of shot, different perspective. If you want anything shot. Talk to me with your ideas we’ll work a brief and throw some ideas in the hat, give them a shake and see what comes out.

Julie Blackmer

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