It’s a picnic!

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The George & Mary Bench - Herne Bay Coastal ParkIf you’re out and about in our Coastal Park, all the way from Hampton through to Reculver, you can’t help but notice quite subtle but important changes taking place.  You may, for example, have noticed the George & Mary bench on The Lees where access has been improved, and now, the new picnic benches have been installed at the Reculver Road car park.  These benches are important because they allow people, families and friends to park their cars very close by and enjoy easy access to magnificent views almost regardless of their mobility and what’s more, wheelchairs and users of mobility scooters can now share a picnic bench with their more able bodied friends and families.

This project is not just about disabled access, it’s about inclusiveness – not excluding those who would otherwise find it difficult or impossible to move over uneven and sometimes muddy ground to enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna of The Downs and the wider Coastal Park un-impeded.

Herne Bay Coastal Park - Accessible Picnic Benches DSC_0007
The new benches, along with other Coastal Park improvements, have been funded largely by the National Lottery with contributions from Canterbury City Council.



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