An earth moving story

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Herne Bay - Plenty Brook and the Clock TowerThe Memorial Park was the major new feature in Herne Bay, recorded here on a 1938 OS map. It replaced what was a mix of allotments and rubbish tips around the course of the Plenty Brook.

In 1923 it was recorded that earth from road widening operations at the top of Mickleburgh Hill had been used to build up ground levels of the park. Some 2,000 tons of soil was eventually spread over the area of the park, providing paid work for the unemployed, giving it its present level appearance and obliterating all trace of the Plenty Brook, a small stream which flowed through what is now the Memorial Park and flowed in to the sea somewhere around where the Clock tower now stands.  By all contemporary accounts the marshy ground around the Plenty brook was a particularly smelly part of town and, although rather more fragrant these days, is an area still prone to flooding – a legacy of the long covered-over Plenty Brook or ‘macan broc’ as it was known in Saxon times.

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