Damian White PhotographerMy name is Damian White and I’ve been taking photos since being given my first Kodak 127 camera when I was six. On my eleventh birthday I got my first “proper” camera, a Russian Zenith E….and I haven’t stopped since!
After moving to the wonderful world of Digital Imaging and photography I started to get serious and, having played in bands for many years, took to photography live music and band promo’s.
Similarly my work in event photography, and my photos for the BayPromoTeam only took off after being asked to help marshal events.
These days I spend my time between my family, my day job in IT in London and taking photos.
If you see me about in my Flat Cap, it’s pretty guaranteed I’ll have a camera in my hand!



All photographs on this page © Damian White/Flat cap photos

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