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We launched!


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Sunday 17th May, 2015

We had a great launch event at the Bandstand.  The weather was brilliant and the crowds were out in force!

Drone flying – the legalities


Drone flying has become enormously popular at areas within the Coastal Park and elsewhere.  Mostly they cause no harm whatsoever and mostly their pilots are sensible and considerate but we wanted to make people aware that pilots of drones have legal obligations under the Civil Aviation Authorities Air Navigation Orders which apply to all model aircraft, drones and full-size aircraft operating in the UK.

We have made available a two-page article published by the British Model Flying Association in conjunction with the CAA which gives guidance to pilots and would-be pilots.

Please share if you know anyone who flies a drone or is thinking of purchasing one.



Simply better!

Simplified adding of events and listings

What's on in Herne Bay - Events CalendarFollowing feedback from some of our followers, we have dramatically simplified the method for adding your local events and links to your local community groups.  Previously, and due to the need for quite rigorous protection from hackers, it was necessary to register on the site and confirm your account by email before you could add your event or group listing.  No more!

We have implemented a much easier one-step process so now all that you have to do is fill-in a form.  Simple as that.

You can add an event by clicking here

or add your group listing here

Once we've looked at your entry, we'll publish it - usually within 48 hours.

It’s a picnic!

The George & Mary Bench - Herne Bay Coastal ParkIf you’re out and about in our Coastal Park, all the way from Hampton through to Reculver, you can’t help but notice quite subtle but important changes taking place.  You may, for example, have noticed the George & Mary bench on The Lees where access has been improved, and now, the new picnic benches have been installed at the Reculver Road car park.  These benches are important because they allow people, families and friends to park their cars very close by and enjoy easy access to magnificent views almost regardless of their mobility and what’s more, wheelchairs and users of mobility scooters can now share a picnic bench with their more able bodied friends and families.

This project is not just about disabled access, it’s about inclusiveness – not excluding those who would otherwise find it difficult or impossible to move over uneven and sometimes muddy ground to enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna of The Downs and the wider Coastal Park un-impeded.

Herne Bay Coastal Park - Accessible Picnic Benches DSC_0007
The new benches, along with other Coastal Park improvements, have been funded largely by the National Lottery with contributions from Canterbury City Council.



An earth moving story

Herne Bay - Plenty Brook and the Clock TowerThe Memorial Park was the major new feature in Herne Bay, recorded here on a 1938 OS map. It replaced what was a mix of allotments and rubbish tips around the course of the Plenty Brook.

In 1923 it was recorded that earth from road widening operations at the top of Mickleburgh Hill had been used to build up ground levels of the park. Some 2,000 tons of soil was eventually spread over the area of the park, providing paid work for the unemployed, giving it its present level appearance and obliterating all trace of the Plenty Brook, a small stream which flowed through what is now the Memorial Park and flowed in to the sea somewhere around where the Clock tower now stands.  By all contemporary accounts the marshy ground around the Plenty brook was a particularly smelly part of town and, although rather more fragrant these days, is an area still prone to flooding – a legacy of the long covered-over Plenty Brook or ‘macan broc’ as it was known in Saxon times.

A rare Coastal Park aerial photo

This aerial photo is a bit of a rarity

… as it not only shows the ‘new’ sports pavilion but also the pier at its full length.  This would have been taken sometime between 1976 and 1978.

Herne Bay Pier 1976

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